Hijinx Clarinet Quartet began in 2015, and is based Lincoln, NE. This group is currently made up of six members. Jennifer Reeves, Shiana Montanari, Stephen Borodkin, Lucas Willsie, Adam Jones, and Elizabeth Johnson. Recently, Hijinx was invited to perform at the National Association of College Wind and Percussion Instructors annual conference on October 29, 2016 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Hijinx has planned a performance tour throughout Nebraska, Missouri, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama in 2017. Stay tuned for more details of this tour! 
Hijinx was created based on the idea of working collaboratively with other artistic disciplines to contrast an otherwise 'classical' chamber music setting. For the group's second season, a concept titled "Introspective", was created using original works for clarinet quartet by up and coming composer Josh Spaulding. These works are set with photography and video by Montanari to engage the audience in a visual, as well as musical, atmosphere.
Visit the Meet Hijinx page for information about each member of the quartet!


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